Hosekibako Japanese Resale Shop – Pricing

Pricing volunteers are the Japanese item collectors and enthusiasts who work as a team to identify and price donated Japanese art, dishware, and traditional crafts for sale in the store. Volunteering at Hosekibako is a unique opportunity to share the stories behind Japanese antiques and ‘mingei’, Japanese folk art.

Responsibilities: Work in a team to sort and clean new donations, identify and price donated items, log merchandise into our store, and prepare item displays. Hosekibako pricing volunteers are also asked to assist us prepare during summer for our annual All Things Japanese Sale fundraiser in August.

Time Commitment: Regular schedule of at least two shifts a month during JCCCW office hours Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 5PM. Does not have to be during Hosekibako open hours.

Skill Requirements: Knowledge of traditional Japanese items and/or 日本語 (Japanese) proficiency desired. Willingness to do research online and in books.