Genji Mihara: An Issei Pioneer


Opening May 21, 2018

The Northwest Nikkei Museum is planning to open a permanent exhibit featuring the life story of Genji Mihara, a prominent Seattle Issei (first-generation Japanese immigrant). Mihara played an instrumental role in JCCCW’s own history including serving as President of the Japanese Language School and Manager of Hunt Hotel.

The exhibit will take visitors on a journey in time from the early immigration days of the 1900s all the way through the post-war years. The exhibit will feature quotes and poetry by Mihara himself, including writings from when he was one of many Issei arrested immediately following Pearl Harbor and held in special Department of Justice-run detention centers, far away from their family and friends in War Relocation Authority camps such as Minidoka.

The exhibit is currently slated to open May 21, 2018. More specific dates and details will be released through JCCCW’s media outlets as they develop.