Interested in learning Nihongo? The Japanese Language School provides prospective students the opportunity to learn hiragana, katakana, kanji and practice reading, writing, and conversational speaking.

Find more information below, including curriculum, textbooks, costs, registration, schedule, and more. 


Basic Information | Schedule

Time: Classes are from 6:45 to 8:45 PM, Wednesday or Thursday
Age: You must be at least 18 to participate.
Duration: 12 weeks, once a week. 
Tuition: $200 or $190 for JCCCW member.
Location: Classes are held at our historical buildings located at 1414 South Weller Street, Seattle, WA, in the west building. Street parking.

Textbooks: You must have textbook, not included in tuition. Textbooks are published by The Japan Times. Genki 1 may be available for purchase at the Seattle Japanese Language School. 

Refund Policy: To withdraw from a class, you must make a written request to our office via email: or mail a letter. Refunds for Adult Classes will be issued per the schedule below:
-14 days before the course start date: 100% refund of tuition only
-13-7 days before the course start date: 50% refund of tuition only
-6 days before the starting day and after: No refund will be issued


Course Information

Beginning 1

  • Textbook: Genki 1
  • Chapters: 1-4, may be subject to change

You do not need prior knowledge of the Japanese language. Students will learn commonly used words, daily expressions, numbers, time related expressions and various counters. Some simple sentence patterns, verb conjugation (-masu, -masen), and hiragana (writing) are introduced. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized.

Beginning 3

  • Textbook: Genki 1
  • Lesson (chapter): 9-12, may be subject to change

Short forms of verbs and adjectives are introduced. The short forms are used in casual conversation, complex sentences, etc. Comparative and superlative expressions, -tsumori, adjective +naru are also taught in this class. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized.

Beginning 2

  • Textbook: Genki 1
  • Lesson (chapter): 5-8, may be subject to change

Students will learn new sentence patterns, verb and adjective conjugations (present and past, positive and negative forms, -te form), as well as particles. Speaking and listening skills are emphasized.


Intermediate 1

  • Textbook: Genki 2
  • Lesson (chapter): 13-16, subject to change.

Variety of verb conjugations and adjective conjugations are introduced. The number form counters and particles of speech will be taught to create more complex sentences. We emphasize developing speaking and listening skills.

Intermediate 2

  • Textbook: Genki 2
  • Lesson (chapter): 17-20, subject to change.

Transitivity pairs, honorific verbs, extra-modest expressions and humble expressions are introduced. Students will be taught Japanese culture including all about sushi, visiting someone's house, and Japanese pop culture. 

Intermediate 3

    • Textbook: Genki 2
    • Lesson (chapter): 21-23, subject to change.

    We will study more verb conjugations including passive sentences, causative sentences, and causative-passive sentences. Religion in Japan, educational systems and Japanese proverbs will also be discussed. 


    • Textbook: Intermediate Japanese Revised edition 2008
    • Lesson (chapter): 6

    Prerequisite: Students should have knowledge of all conjugation forms ((verbs and adjectives), hiragana, katakana and some kanji. Verb (plain form) bakari, verb (plain form) yoo ni naru, verb (plain form) tokoro, verb (plain) koto ni naru, verb (plain) koto ni suru, sentence wake desu, verb te (causative) itadakenai deshoo ka, -ba, -hodo, etc. are introduced. Four language skills (speaking listening, writing and reading) are emphasized in this class.

    2018 Calendar is as follows

    Summer Session July 26-Sept.27: Beginning 1  class only. Class is on Thursday from 6:45pm-8:45pm.

    Required textbook is Genki 1, revised version.

    Session 3: October 10, 2018


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