Japan I Am: Share Your Japan Travel Experiences


Have you been to Japan? The island nation enchants people with its dramatic scenery that includes deep-blue seascapes, green-squared rice fields, and snow-white covered mountains; its bustling cities and quaint towns magnetically draw in travelers with their world-renowned cuisine, one-of-a-kind culture and hospitality, and unique history and storied traditions.

If you have captured the spirit of Japan through photography, we’d love to see your moments and perspective!  For our annual Bunka no Hi festival, we’re creating a “Travel to Japan” exhibit, which will feature and highlight travel suggestions for the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s an especially timely exhibit with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics right around the corner.

But for this exhibit we’re seeking travel tips and suggestions from the people and community we trust and honor the most — you. You’ve played tourist in Japan, now play tour guide for locals looking to be inspired with your indelible photos and sentimental memories.

If you have a photo and memory to share, please send us your image along with the below information by October 28th!

Travel Japan Photo Submission Rules & Guidelines

Sample entry.

Sample entry.

Follow these simple directions when submitting your picture!

-          Submit ONE photo to arisan@jcccw.org by Sunday, October 28th, 2018.

-          Email should contain subject line [Travel Japan Photo]

-          You must be the photographer AND have full rights to the photograph submitted

-          JPG or PNG format preferred, with an image size under 5MB desired

-          The subject matter in the photograph must show Japan through its scenery, people, and culture – no "selfies" or images that don't convey the essence of Japan.

-          Photograph must include:

o   Photographer’s name

o   When (i.e. July, 2018 or Summer 2018)

o   Location in Japan (City and Prefecture?) (i.e. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo)

o   Your caption, 200 words or less

-          Photos of less commonly traveled/photographed parts of Japan are encouraged!

And when you share your photo to our exhibition coordinator, you agree that the JCCCW can use your photograph, your caption, and your name as part of our exhibit on November 4, 2018.

Thanks for participating!



東京オリンピックを2年後に控え、 ワシントン州日本文化会館では、2018年11月4日の文化の日に「Experience Japan!」をテーマに日本観光に役立つ情報を展示”Travel to Japan” Exhibitを開催予定です。






・Eメールの件名は必ず[Travel Japan Photo]としてください。


o   撮影者のお名前 ※英語表記のためローマ字も付け加えてください。

 (例:田中太郎、Taro Tanaka)

o   撮影時期(例:2018年7月、2018年夏)

o   撮影場所(例:東京都、渋谷スクランブル交差点)

o   説明文(日本語で大丈夫です。300文字以下でお願い致します)






なお、”Travel to Japan”Exhibitにご投稿頂いたお写真は、2018年11月4日文化の日(場所:ワシントン州日本文化会館)のイベント内で使用され、お送り頂いた情報(撮影者のお名前や説明文)と合わせて展示いたします。