Meet the J's Spring 2019 Ganbaru Interns

Meet our three spring Ganbaru Interns! One is a DJ at a local radio station. Another is named after an Olympian. And one is pitch perfect.

Cammi Kaneko


Cammi Kaneko is a marketing junior at Seattle University. She is originally from San Jose, California where she has fond memories of spending time in the South Bay city's Nihonmachi, especially participating in the neighborhood's Bon Odori. Cammi is a Yonsei with her relatives hailing from Kumamoto and Hiroshima. With her strong Nikkei ties, she is interested in learning more about her culture and heritage, and wants to feel more connected to the Japanese community here in Seattle.

In her free time she likes to attend concerts, scour thrift shops looking for treasures, and read lots of books.

A fun fact about Cammi is that she was named after an Olympic hockey player, Cammi Granato!

Steven Nelson


Steven Nelson was born and raised in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and a Norwegian-American father. He moved to Seattle 3 years ago and is currently a junior at Seattle Pacific University studying psychology and minoring in business. Having grown up in a multicultural household, Steven hopes to use his unique background to share his experiences and teach others about Japanese culture in a fun and interesting way.

In his spare time, Steven likes to play video games and watch basketball.

One unique fact about Steven is that he has perfect pitch which is pretty rare (about 1 in 10,000 people)!

Jubilee Cho


Jubilee Cho is a junior at the University of Washington and is studying visual communications design and law, societies, and justice. In her free time she enjoys photography, fashion, and plays for her college radio show called "Up in the Air." You can hear her on livestreaming site on Tuesdays 8 AM-9AM where she plays hip hop, R&B, lofi, jazz, soul and more.

Being born and raised in Seattle, Jubilee was drawn to learning more about the Japanese culture and history here in her hometown. Through this internship, she looks forward to expanding her graphic design skills, but also to interact and build relationships with the Japanese community of Seattle.

A fun fact about Jubilee is that she knows how to ride a unicycle.