Help Needed! Vote for Street Safety funds for JCCCW

We need your help. Please vote for the JCCCW/Japanese Language School Street Safety project in the Your Voice, Your Choice project development. We are applying for the city to place speed bumps and street safety improvements on the intersection of Weller St and 16th Ave.

Anyone who lives, works or travels to Seattle can participate in the voting, including all of our students, parents, members, volunteers and neighbors.

Please read the instructions below and vote!

1)  Go to
2)  Register - You do not need to provide your full name or photo
3)  Choose "District 3"
4)  Select 19-115 "INCREASE PEDESTRIAN SAFETY" at 1414 S. Weller St.
5)  To vote, scroll to the bottom and move the marker to the right for High Priority.
(You can optionally prioritize other projects too!)

Vote here! Deadline is May 31st!


Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets is a participatory budgeting initiative in which Seattle residents democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City's budget on small-scale park and street improvements. A total of $2 million has been allocated in the 2019 budget and residents can participate in the district where they live, work, go to school, receive services, or volunteer.