Samurai Shigeru: The Book

The late Sam Goto, creating an edition of his Seattle Tomodachi cartoon from his Mercer Island home.

The late Sam Goto, creating an edition of his Seattle Tomodachi cartoon from his Mercer Island home.

Sam Goto decided to dedicate his spare time to the illustration and creation of a weekly cartoon strip for the North American Post (A Japanese - American newspaper in the Seattle area.) Soon this comic strip took a life of its own, becoming an outlet for history, family stories, humor and philosophy.

Sam’s last comic strip was published in the North American Post in August 2019, along with a republished retrospective. Read the article here.

He passed away on New Year’s Eve of 2017. But Sam’s legacy lives on through a new book called “Samurai Shigeru: The Art & Wisdom of Sam Goto.” The book is a compendium and collection of Sam’s cartoons, that includes five year’s worth of work. Sam told true tales about Nisei life in the Pacific Northwest. His strips were funny, whimsical, silly and sometimes a little serious or sad. But collectively, they tell a story of what it was like to be a new immigrant to the US, what the Japanese community did to maintain its culture and values, and how, little by little, people would assimilate into the mainstream culture.

The goal for the book’s publication is the Spring of 2020. You can support the efforts to get this book to press!

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The book is currently in pre-production, including scanning images, laying out pages and writing content. To meet these objectives, there’s an initial funding goal of $30,000 in 2019 for design, production and printing of two versions of the book: a deluxe hardcover limited edition version with a custom embossed slipcase, and a softcover versions of the book suitable for schools, libraries and homes. Sam wanted all proceeds from his artwork to go to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington. Please help make his wish a reality and preserve a legacy for generations to come!

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