Saturday, June 22nd: 11am - 3pm

With the weather turning sunny and warm, it's almost time to celebrate Bon Odori season! Come visit the JCCCW during our annual Kimono & Yukata Sale.

The JCCCW Kimono & Yukata Sale features hundreds of Japanese clothing items such as colorful yukata for women and men, children's clothing, formal and informal kimono, accessories, wood geta (Japanese sandals), sensu and uchiwa (Japanese paper fans), stunning wedding kimono and much more! All items are generously donated to the JCCCW by members of the community and all profits go to support JCCCW programs and free events throughout the year. 

If you have yukata, kimono, or any other Japanese clothing that you are interested in donating to the JCCCW, please come by our office Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM. Please visit our Hosekibako: Japanese Resale Store webpage to read more details or call us at 206-568-7114.